How much money could YOU make if you had a system where you could make $10,000/month offering sellers the same price as the highest priced homes on the market?

**Results not typical. Yours will vary. Please read the Earnings Disclosure at the end of this page**

I spent several years & invested tens of thousands in courses & seminars before I found what I believe is the EASIEST way to get started & EXPERIENCE FAST SUCCESS in real estate investing. This technique helped me build my confidence & gave me the experience necessary to do bigger deals. I got it going with NO money down & LITTLE risk. It helped me get my business off the ground &has helped me buy over $50,000,000 in real estate since then.

Have you been unable to get started investing in real estate? You won't be after reading this!!

Most folks don't even get started investing because they think it's risky and they don't want to lose their shirt. Hey, those people are DEAD RIGHT! There are probably more people who end up bankrupt from real estate investing in last 10 years as there are people who walk on two legs! This business will take all your money and leave you for dead in the gutter if you let it! But the secret is, you don't have to let it. Don't put your money, or other people's money, at risk, and you'll be just fine! But...

This is NOT a NO MONEY DOWN SCAM! You will need at least $10.00!

If you have $10.00 in your pocket, you can to take down a $200,000 house like an MMA fighter would take down that guy who took Calculus while you were in middle school! Lots of people don't think they can buy a $200K+ house because they don't have any money. You don't need to actually purchase a home to profit from it, so don't worry about money. Plus, I'll tell you one other thing that will probably make you happy:

You will NOT sign a mortgage...

One thing I always hated about "no money down systems"is that they still want you to go out and get a loan. If you can't get one from a bank, they wanted you to get one from your family, friends, or pan handle on the street corner if you needed to. In the beginning, I don't want you going to the bank, using "hard money", or even taking over someone's mortgage to purchase homes. Even though I buy a lot of properties NOW by using bank financing, "hard money", and purchasing "subject to", I hate the idea of actually signing on the dotted line. I REALLY hate the idea of some new investor signing on the dotted line. I want to show you a technique that won't require a mortgage of any kind.

You will NOT swing a hammer or
pay anyone else to do the same

...unless you want to use your profits make to build a new deck or addition onto your personal house! Don't get me wrong, there is BIG MONEY in rehabbing. I make my biggest money today rehabbing. But it's something that takes time to perfect and you shouldn't be rehabbing unless you are willing to risk your financial future! I want to show you a technique that won't require you to do any type of fix up work.

Your probably wondering what this technique is. But I know you. I know you've probably seen enough real estate material out there to be thinking, "This sounds like wholesaling." Well, now I'm going to tell you something that will really SHOCK you:

This is NOT "traditional wholesaling" because that is just TOO MUCH WORK!

In traditional wholesaling, you try to get a house under contract for about 60% of fair market value and resell it to a cash buyer for 70% of value before you need to close on the first contract.You've probably heard about all the "free and clear" properties out there ready to be stolen. On November 24, 2009 the Wall Street Journal estimated that 23% of homeowners owed more than their home is worth. And many of the "free and clear" properties were recently by investors that have no plans of selling what they just bought. The remaining free and clear owners are being marketed to by every beginning investor straight out the latest real estate investing seminar. Those owners are also being marketed by every experienced investor looking to purchase the same home at a higher offer price than the wholesalers can offer! So what's left for you besides table scraps?

My technique can cost you NOTHING in marketing costs.
Nada. Zilch. Zippo.

Tired of being sold some magic product that will make give you more leads than you can handle, but it will cost you a monthly fee to use it. So you pay the fee and find out it DOESN'T work AT ALL!! I hate that! I needed a technique that would cost NOTHING for marketing. No "postcards", no "yellow letters", no "fancy websites", no "texting machine", no "live answering service." You can do this with NO marketing costs. You just need some time to contact the sellers. And they are EASY TO FIND! Unlike traditional wholesaling, where you have to find a needle in a haystack. You can find these sellers by tripping over them walking out your front door! As a matter of fact, I'll be surpised if there isn't a good candidate right in your own neighborhood!

This technique is so easy, you don't even need to sign a PURCHASE contract!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! I know what you're thinking, "Greg, I thought you said I was going to be investing in real estate. How can I purchase a home I don't sign a purchase contract??" Hey, I don't think you understand how hesitant I was to invest when I first got started. I didn't want to sign a purchase contract. That was too SCARY! So I used a technique that didn't require me to!

What is this easiest real estate investing technique on the planet?

Lease purchase wholesaling is the "Ultimate Solution" for beginning real estate investor who want to see fast and easy success, experienced investors that want to make a few extra grand on leads they are currently throwing in the trash, and for real estate agents who have clients that can't afford to pay them a commission.

What is "lease purchase wholesaling"?

It's the combination of "lease purchasing" and "wholesaling". But instead of wholesaling a cash contract like you would with traditional wholesaling, you are wholesaling a lease purchase contract.

What is a "lease purchase"?

Also known as a "rent to own" or a "lease option", the lease purchase is a combination of a "lease agreement" and a "option to purchase agreement". The lease agreement is similar to what you would sign if you were renting any house on the market. An "option to purchase agreement" is an agreement where the "optionor" is giving the "optionee" the option, or "unilateral" right to purchase a "something". In our case, the seller is the optionor and you are the optionee. The "something" is the optionor's home. And "unilateral"means there is a one way obligation. In our case, the optionor is obligated to sell, but you are not obligated to purchase.

What is "Wholesaling"?

Just like there is "wholesale" and "retail" buying of goods or inventory (such as clothes, food, commodities, raw materials), there is a "wholesale" market for homes. Wholesaling in the real estate world usually means getting a home under contract and then selling that contract to another person. The "commodity" in the real estate world is the contract. The buying and reselling of this contract is usually done before you actually purchase the property.

Wholesaling is great for investors who have little money or credit because you "sell" the contract. You, as the wholesaler, get paid on the "spread" in price between your contract price and the price at which you are able to resell it.

Traditional wholesaling in the real estate investing world is typically a "cash" transaction. You are getting a home under contract to purchase the property for cash at a very low price and then reselling that contract to another person at a higher price, in our example it is usally an end "buyer" for the property.

Combine the two to make a "Lease Purchase Wholesale" transaction

Under a lease purchase wholesale, you will be signing a lease purchase contract as a tenant/buyer with a landlord/seller to lease purchase a property at a predetermined price. You will remarket the property at a higher set price and "wholesale" or "assign" it to a new, incoming tenant/buyer. You will get paid an "assignment fee" by the incoming tenant/buyer for assigning the contact to them. Basically, the tenant/buyer is paying for the right to step into your position under the contract, which includes a right to purchase the home at the previously agreed upon price. You are not obligated to make a monthly payment or to purchase the home prior to assigning the contract to a new tenant/buyer. Additionally, you are not obligated in any way to the landlord/seller or tenant/buyer once you assign the contract. Once assigned, the risk is between the landlord/seller and the tenant/buyer… not you.
These transactions are completely "above board", meaning the landlord/seller knows what is going to happen and is even going to give you written approval to assign the contract. They win prefer to lease purchase their house over renting it and want YOU to help them do it! You are giving them the opportunity to receive a monthly payment until they are able to sell their house without paying real estate commissions.

Example of a lease purchase wholesale

Let me give you a real life example of how this works. The owners of this home on Cara Drive got a divorce. Both had bad memories of theh ome and just wanted to sell, but they owed what the home was worth. They knew they couldn't sell it and didn't really want to rent it. I told them about lease purchasing it and they saw it was a the best solution to their issue. We signed lease purchase paperwork to "net" them what they owed on the house and cover their mortgage payment in the meantime. It didn't take long to find a tenant/buyer for the home willing to pay $6,300.00 as an option consideration that I kept as an assignment fee ($2,000 up front and $120/mo for the next three years). So not only did I may a some good money up front, I also turned this home that I didn't even own into a nice little piece of cash flow! Best of all, there is no liability on my part for that cash flow. I am now "out of the picture" and the new tenant/buyer and landlord/seller are then obligated to each other under the lease purchase agreement. It's truly that easy!

Click here or the image to see the whole document

**Results not typical. Yours will vary. Please read the Disclosures at the end of this page**

Why You'd Have to be a Knucklehead
not to do a Lease Purchase Wholesale Deal

You can profit even when offering near 100% of value - Unlike traditional wholesaling where you need to put a home under contract at almost 50% of after repaired value, you can offer the landlord/seller full value for their home and still make a profit. Hmmm... 50% or 100%, which would you choose if you were a seller?

You can resell to a 'retail' buyer - You can remarket the property to someone that wants to live in and eventually own a home… not another investor who is hoping to get a bargain on the home. Retail, "end user", buyers are willing to pay more because they hopefully purchasing the home to live in it. Investors are looking to get the lowest price they can. Who would you rather sell to?

The seller is happy to cooperate - Unlike traditional wholesaling where a seller expects you to close in a couple of weeks, sellers of lease purchase wholesaling leads understand you are looking to resell the property to make a profit and will often work with you to make it happen!

You have time to resell it - Traditional wholesaling and short sale flips require a short timeframe to find your end buyer. This can be challanging! Most sellers you will be dealing with on lease purchase assignments are not going to be "desperate" to sell their homes, so they will allow you reasonable time to market & resell the home.

No deed seasoning issue - Is a flip really a flip if you have to wait 30 to 90 days to resell it? Traditional wholesaling and short sale flips have the "deed seasoning issue" where you can't resell a home until 30 to 90 days after you've purchased it. Because your tenant/buyer won't be closing on a loan until a year after you assign the contract, there is no deed seasoning issues.

Large market of potential purchasers - Unlike traditional wholesaling where you must resell to someone with great credit or cash, you will be marketing to people with damaged credit and/or not enough money saved to put down. Which pool of buyers do you think is bigger?

Doesn't require money or credit - You're not actually buying the home, so you don't need any cash or credit. Heck, you won't even be signing a scary "purchase contract" that someone might sue you over or take your deposit if you don't perform! That will help you sleep better at night!

No huge marketing costs - No lists to buy, no letters to send, no website to sign up for at $200/mo to make it work. You can find sellers simply by picking up the phone and calling sellers. And unlike traditional wholesaling where you have to offer about 60% of fair market value, you will be able to offer 100% of fair market value. That sounds a little easier to do!

Easy to learn - Even if you've never purchased a home, you've probably signed a lease. Just add an "option" and an "assignment" to it, and your ready to make some seriously easy cash!

No fix up work do do - You are looking for homes in good condition. So you don't have to worry about fixing up the homes to make money.

No experience necessary - This isn't "rocket science" or "short sale science" where you need to know a million things about real estate to get started. This paperwork is about as easy as it gets... a lease, an option, and an assignment. How hard can that be?

Works in any market - Rehabbing and buying "subject to" are great techniques to use when the market is going up, "short sales" are great when the market is going down. Lease purchase wholesaling works in every market condition because there are always a boat load of sellers that feel they owe what their home is worth.

Little risk - You are not actually buying the home, so there is no big earnest money check to put down, no cash to put down, no credit needed, no first born rights to give away, etc. etc.

If you can't see why lease purchase wholesaling is the easiest way to get started in real estate investing, you need to get your eyes checked!

Are you a real estate agent that had a seller decide not to list with you, or you avoided taking the listing, because they couldn't afford to list with you, but they were too credit conscious to do a short sale? I can show you how to make $1,000s off those leads you were probably just throwing in the trash!

Some sellers can't afford to pay commissions and don't want to short sale their house. I'm going to guess you throw those leads into the trash can. Do you like burning $100 bills, too?? This technique can show you how you can turn that lead into $1,000s in your pocket by showing that seller the win/win situation created by you lease purchasing their house. Best of all, instead of splitting the $2K-$5K option consideration with another agent, I'll show you how to market directly to tenant/buyers so you can keep the entire commission! That will allow you to "net" as much money lease purchasing a house as you would selling it! Best of all, you can structure the agreement how ever you'd like. If you want to get a commission if it eventually sell, right it into the agreement! The lease purchase is truly a win/win situation, not just for investors, but for agents, too!

Have a seller that owes full value or more, but won't short sale their house? Turn those leads into easy money!

I know some of you investors out there are making a killing in this market or have an established business already. And I'm not saying this technique is going to replace your existing business. But it will easily ADD to it. After all, when a seller tells you that they owe full value but they don't want to short sale, you are probably don't want to hang up the phone, you want to smash it into itty-bitty pieces. And you are probably getting a lot more of those calls now than you did back in 2005! But what if I could show you a way to easily profit from those folks... and help them, too! A way that is so easy you could systemize it or get your assistant to turn those leads into "easy money". I'll show you how to turn those "dead leads" into $1,000s of extra money in your pocket each month. It's like getting a whole new stream of income for you!

Best of all, you can use this technique in your "part time"and still do what you normally do during the day catch flies with chop sticks, clean crocodile teeth, and yes, even work a 9 to 5 or raise kids... well, I guess that depends on type of kids you have!

I hated trying to buy foreclosures when I had a job because I had tell my boss I had a "doctor's appointment", race down to the courthouse, bid on a property, and get back to work before my boss got suspicious. The bad part was I would lose the bids and I couldn't only have so many doctors appointments!

It's also hard to look at buy properties in MLS because they go under contract the same day and I didn't have time to check them out fast enough! It's also hard to handle rehab issues when you have a 9-5!

Lease purchase assignments don't require a fast purchasing power like other forms of investing. You can do your marketing in your spare time and still make good money!

**Results not typical. Yours will vary. Please read the Earnings Disclosure at the end of this page**

Make Money While You Learn

You can make huge money in real estate investing. I've made $100,000+ on a single home... But I'll be honest, you can't run until you can walk. Most people try to hit a home run when they don't even know how to swing a bat. And after some "unsuccess", they give up!! This is proven by the 1000s of courses that are sold at real estate seminars!

Learn how to USE the lease purchase wholesaling technique while you are trying to figure out or master other techniques. Lease purchase wholesaling is the EASIEST way to get started in this business. It will give you the success you need & cash flow you desire to move onto bigger deals!!

BONUS: I'll Show You How to Set Up Your Real Estate Dream Team

Going it alone is tough. So I'll show you how to develop a team to help you with your real estate investing business.

A mortgage broker is imperative to sorting lease purchase applications, getting your tenant/buyers to the closing table, and ensuring your "cash buyers" are actually qualified to purchase. The problem with mortgage brokers is they are excellent salespeople, so it's hard to determine the good from the bad. So I'll show you how to do find the good ones and discard the bad ones.

A real estate agent is also an important team member. They can help you determine true market value of sales and rents in the area. I recommend you NEVER purchase a home for cash without seeing ALL the comparable properties that are on the market and have recently sold through your local MLS system. MLS is the "good ole boy" system agents use to advertise their properties for sale exclusively to other agents. Most "retail buyers" (the average buyer looking to purchase a home) use agents to purchase a home, so the MLS system gives you the most information on homes sales in the area. Additionally, it gives detailed notes on the condition of the home, which is imperative to determine accurate market value. But how do you get access to this system if you are not a real estate agent? Get one on your team! But aren't you suppose to lease purchase your home withOUT a real estate agent? Yes. But I'll show you how a real estate agent will still WANT to be on your team, even though you are "going it alone."

How Do You Learn More About Lease Purchase Wholesaling??

Now that you know the best technique to get started in real estate investing, I'll show you how to have the BEST chance at being successful at it. Because it's not just a course in a box that will make you successful. There's more to it than that! I want to give you every tool you need to be successful. Here's what you'll get:

checkmarkI'll provide you with all the necessary paperwork and contracts I use in my business. Forms I've spent over $3,000.00 acquiring and "tweeking" my forms to make them just right (just like Grandma's favorite cookie recipe.) But unlike Grandma's cookies, they've been "battle tested" in court and have "survived." Grandma's cookies got obliterated... it wasn't pretty. ($3,000.00 value)
checkmark You've heard the saying, "What's the use of having a gun if you don't know how to use it?" The same applies for real estate contracts. So I've videod explanations about the contracts you'll be using, including how to fill them out and what to look out for.
checkmark I'll show you how to determine "true" marketable value for a home without having to sign up for a service that costs you a monthly fee!
checkmark I'll send you my guide that will show you how to find the right mortgage broker to help you review tenant/buyer applications ($95 value)
checkmark I'll provide you with a marketing plan to find homes to lease purchase. Unlike other real estate courses or programs where you have to buy expensive mailing lists and mail specialty letters or postcards, some of the techniques I'll show you are FREE. You also don't need to knock on doors of sellers about to lose everything and don't care if they take you down with them!
checkmarkIf you decide to go the "non free" route of getting leads, I'll give you copies of the exact postcards, letters, craigslist ads, signs, and other marketing material I use in my business and where to get them CHEAP.
checkmarkI will give you the exact script I use to talk to sellers
checkmarkI will give you access to my PROVEN marketing program to sell the homes you sign up
checkmarkI will tell you which marketing techniques are the most cost effective to use and why
checkmarkI will give you a copy of the brochure I use to sell homes
checkmarkI will give you a copy of the brochure I leave inside the house to explain the lease purchase to tenant/buyers
checkmarkI will give you a copy of 8 different Craigslist(r) ads I use to sell homes
checkmarkAn example of the signs I use to sell homes and where to place them at and around the house
checkmarkSome simple staging you can do to the house for less than $100 that can increase perceived value by $1000s
checkmarkI'll provide you access to my website where you can resell all of your homes* ($99.00 value)
checkmarkIf you live in the Washington, DC or Raleigh, NC areas, I'll send your home out to my list of over 3000 potential tenant/buyers who have already signed saying they are interested in lease purchasing a home* ($99.00 value)
checkmarkI will give you the exact script I use to talk to buyers
checkmarkI will give you copies of the email I use to send prospective tenant/buyers through the home so you don't even have to talk to them until AFTER they've seen the home and told you they want it!
checkmarkI will give you the "do's and don'ts" if you decide to personally show the home


I'm offering SIX FREE MONTHS of my Silver Level Coaching Program where you will get my access to talk to me PERSONALLY about any questions you have.

Learn to Wholesale Real EstateAccess to my "office hours": A set time each week where you will have direct access to my cell phone to ask me any question about lease purchasing. You can ask me marketing, negotiating, setting terms, the paperwork...ANYTHING about lease purchasing you can think of, I will personally give you my best answer! You will NOT be pawned off onto another "student" or "team member" like you would under other coaching programs. You will have direct access to me... personally. (PRICELESS)
Learn to Wholesale Real EstateAccess to my PERSONAL email address where I'll answer your toughest real estate and business questions.(PRICELESS)
Learn to Wholesale Real EstateOne FREE call from me or one of my team members to "role play" as if you are a seller or buyer to give you confidence to actually "close the deal" yourself. ($195.00 value)
Learn to Wholesale Real EstateAccess to my "Rolodex" of names of mortgage brokers, marketing folks, virtual assistants, and real estate agents I know that can help you lease purchase your next home (PRICELESS)
Learn to Wholesale Real EstateHave other deals you are working? We can joint venture on ANY deal you are working on, not just lease purchase deals (i.e. rehabbing, short sales, etc.). I'll provide the funding for your deals. I'll provide the contractors to do any work needed to the homes (if the home is in the mid-Atlantic area.) Have a deal? I can close it, fund it, rehab it, and flip it. Have a deal, but don't know how to get it done, give me a call & I'll personally call your seller to get the deal done.

I can only personally handle so many people, so space is limited... once they fill up you'll have to pay the usual price if you want the coaching (if it's even available). So take action TODAY before the spaces fill up!

**Results not typical. Yours will vary. Please read the Earnings Disclosure at the end of this page**

I Want To Go One Step Further...

You are Protected By My 100%,
No Questions Asked,
Money Back Guarantee

Learn to Wholesale Real Estate

I want to ensure you are absolutely happy with what I provide to you and that you don't have "buyer's remorse." So I'm offered you a "no questions asked" 30 day money back guarantee. That means absolutely no risk to you!

Learn to Wholesale Real Estate
Greg Norman

Learn to Wholesale Real Estate
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Now that you truly have nothing to lose, get started now before I either increase prices or fill up availability for mentoring!

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