Courses are great because they are:

- Low cost way to educate yourself in a particular part of investing or real estate you are thinking about getting into
- More helpful if they come with coaching or support

Watch out because they:

-Are designed to be an entry into bigger paying items
-May give you the framework of the concept, but not enough to get you moving
-May have laws or government imposed taxes limiting their effectiveness (i.e. transfer tax, can't file required documents at the courthouse without being cost prohibitive, yearly taxes may make holding property less lucrative)
-May be breaking existing laws in your state outlawing the practice of certain kinds of investing
-May have an issue performing them if you are, or not, an agent


In the future, we plan to include courses that we can recommend to you. Until then, I recommend the following:

Lease Purchase Program (Investor's Module) - Learn the easiest way to profit in real estate investing by offering sellers 100% of value and STILL cash a check for $2,000-$5,000 in the process... all with no money, no credit, no real estate experience, and without even buying the house!

If you have a course that you've purchased, or thinking about purchasing, that you'd like for me to review for you, please email me and I'll make arrangements to do so.

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