I Will Help You Find The "Missing Link" to YOUR Investing Success

You've found the fastest way to make real estate investing profitable by PERSONALLY LEARNING FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN THERE BEFORE YOU.

NEWSFLASH: Learning HOW to Invest in Real Estate From a "How to Course" or Boot Camp is a Great Thing, but Putting it into Action is Another!

An Experienced PERSONAL Coach is the Key to Your Financial Success in Real Estate Investing

Maybe you're like the countless people out there that paid $500 or more for a real estate course that you read the first 30 pages of and it now hangs on the shelf?
Have you bought a CD set about real estate investing, but only made it through Disk 3 of 12?
Maybe you even shelled out $5,000 for one of those "real estate boot camps", but you still haven't found that "holy grail" of real estate investing you were hoping for.
Maybe, you just want to grow grow Your existing investment business to consistently make $10,000 a month.

"Thank you for helping me achieve success in this business. After floundering around with no real understanding of what I was doing or how to succeed, I followed your techniques and now I've completed my first few transactions with each resulting in a very nice profit. Your simple techniques showed me how to maintain great positive cash flow in both up and down markets."

"Thank you Greg for teaching me in such an understandable way. you articulate your concepts so well and give numerous examples to follow, every step of the way. I'd recommend you and your program to anyone starting out..."

~Terry C., Etowah, NC

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**Results not typical. Yours will vary. Please read the Earnings Disclosure at the end of this page**

If you've done any of those things and are not consistently putting together deals, it's time for some personal help, guidance & support

A personal mentor will help you:
1. Help you understand what this business is really all about: the good, the bad, and the ugly. That's why this site is called "Realty REI".
2. Determine what really makes money and how you can put some of it in your pocket.
3. How to avoid "losing your shirt"… &possibly everything else, too. Oh… Am I the first investor/mentor to mention that one to you? Check the website address - that's what we focus on - the REALITY of investing. Can't tell you how many people we've seen this happen to over the years. Lots & Lots.
4. Stop spinning your wheels! Hate buying a course or program and feel like you are still missing a lot of things to get you going? Or maybe you felt if you got past that one obstacle, you'd be successful. Coaching will help you get you past your obstacles and moving to success!

I've made a ton of money alog the way,,,,,and I've lost some too. There are pitfalls in this business where you can lose your shirt, but that doesn't sell courses and boot camps… so unless you've been in the business a while, you probably won't hear those stories. But if you experience one of those money losers in your first deal, you may never recover. I want you to be successful & I KNOW you can be successful in the business.

I will PERSONALLY answer all of your questions. I will PERSONALLY show you what to do, how to do it, and give you the best chance at success.

I've worked in lots of areas of real estate - here are a few areas I get lots of questions about:

Do You Need Answers on How to do a "Subject To" Deal?

My personal favorite type of deals are "subject to" deals. This is where you take over someone's existing payments. Work with me, and I will show you how to take over someone's payments "subject to". I've successfully made hudreds of thousands of dollars using this method.

Do You Want to Learn How to do a "Sandwich Lease Purchase" Deal?

Want to learn how to do a "sandwich lease purchase" deal? This is where you lease purchase a home from a landlord/seller and turn around a resell it on a lease purchase. I have done lots and lots of these. Work with me, and I will personally show you how to do a "sandwich lease purchase".

Need Some Help Starting... or Finishing a Wholesale Deal?

Want to learn how to do a "wholesale" deal? This is where you get a home under contract and resell it before you buy it, so you don't have to come to the table with any money. I can personally show you how to "wholesale" a property.

Want to Know the Best Way to Structure Seller Financing?

Learn how to get a seller to provide financing at a 0% interest rate. Or provide a portion of the financing at a 0% interest rate? (No, that's not a type O… 0% financing.) I can personally show you how to get a seller to give you great financing.

In expanding my buying to areas I've learned that each area has it's own set of "potential pitfalls" that must be discovered! No course or boot camp will show you those "local pitfalls". But I can show you how to discover and avoid them.

During my years as a full time real estate investor, I've amassed a bookcase full of courses, cases of CD's and tapes, and a rolodex of mentors.

I think I've listened to or read just about everything out there! And don't get me wrong, many are helpful, but they all seem to do two things:

1. They get you really excited about real estate!
2. They seemed to give you 90% of the information, but 10% was missing. Of course you don't know this unitl you actually try to do a deal of some kind.

The course writers need some kind of "carrot" to get you to sign up for those boot camps!!

The biggest problem when you get started is …"You don't know what you don't know". I admit, even now I experience this from time to time...and I'm sure to take the lessons and move on!! But if you are fairly new to investing, you may not be able to get up after being knocked over by a deal gone bad!

Here are some personal experiences...of things gone bad. They don't tell you these in courses or boot camps. My personal mentoring may help you avoid some of these pitfalls.

1. Keep in mind, that I buy lots of houses & I know what to look for in a foundation & what to get checked out before I buy. But I once bought a house that seemed like a typical home, that needed a little work. I put the house under contract and planned to clean it up and resell it. I purchased & reovated it. When the new buyer got a home inspection, it revealed the foundation was slipping & that it was located on marine clay (a clay/dirt that moves, therefore causing foundation problems). Even though you couldn't tell by walking through the home. If that was my first deal and I didn't buy it low enough, I could have definitly "lost my shirt". Estimates to stabilize were about $28K. I ended up selling for just a slight loss, after the additional holding costs, stabilization and actual home value lost due to the ongoing problem.

2. I once bought a mobile home on a foundation. Seemed like a great buy at $55,000 because it didn't need much work and others in the area were selling at over $100,000. But when I went to resell it, the buyer's financing fell through...Why you ask? Because FHA wouldn't fund a home that shared a well with more than 4 people. My buyer was a first time home buyer, in an area where the majority of the buyers get FHA financing. I could have "lost my shirt" on that one. I was eventually able to resell the property for a hefty profit by getting a new buyer with conventional financing a few months later.

3. My last example comes from the very first property I ever lease purchased. I had great terms on the home and successfully lease purchased the property to a new tenant/buyer at higher terms. Everything was going great until I got a call from the landlord/seller saying they were going into foreclosure. My terms were good,I had no clue what to do at that point! The deal "fell apart". They didn't talk about how to handle that situation in the courses! I now know what I would do to make it profitable and save him from foreclosure.

Honestly, I could go on & on with lessons I've learned over the years. But now, I want to share my knowledge & things I leared from the school of hard knocks. I want to help you be successful & pass on my knowledge.

Your odds of success are greatly enhanced when someone who has been down the road before you can show you how to avoid many pitfalls.

Here are some other things I've heard from folks who have bought courses or attended boot camps…

"I tried to call the guy who wrote the course and they want to charge me $200+ per hour to talk with him."

"I can't even get in touch with the guy who wrote the course. He/she doesn't return phone calls or e-mail."

"They want me to sign up for a coaching program for $5,000+… plus a monthly fee."

"I signed up for the $5,000+ coaching and I'm still not dealing with the guy who wrote the course. He has me talking to one of his students."

My PERSONAL Coaching Program is the key to your financial success in real estate investing!

I've developed a program to give you the best odds of real estate success. Does that mean I'm going to guarantee your success? HECK NO!! After all, if YOU are sitting on your hands all day and think real estate investing is the "lottery ticket" you were hoping for where money is going to rain out of the sky into your pocketbook… well, you just might want to go shell out $500 for one of those real estate courses you see on TV, get to CD #3, pop it on the shelf to collect dust, and go back to your day job

But if you want someone to teach you the ins and outs of real estate investing, set up a personalized investing "game plan" based on your situation and goals & KICK YOU IN THE SEAT OF YOUR PANTS… well, you've come to the right place! I think mentoring is the only way to ensure you get on the fast track to understanding how to real estate invest correctly and avoid it's pitfalls.


This past year, I trained someone to buy homes who was only 22 years old and had never bought a home before! Heck, that protégé didn't even know what a deed of trust was! Now, she knows her stuff!! She has the confidence to go out there and do the deals. Sure, she runs into things she doesn't know...but then she calls me!!

"I wanted to jump in headfirst and buy a property right away, I was so eagar to get going! As I learned, I realized that you can't just jump in headfirst or you will make a lot of mistakes.....I have met so many 1st time investors who have lost money on their first buy"

"You have taught me the ins and outs of wholesaling, retialing, subject to purchases, lease purchases and renovating.....My number one fear entring this business was 1. Screwing up big time and 2. not completely understanding the paperwork that goes along with or cretive buying and selling strategies. Well, I have definitly made some mistakes, but if you weren't on the other end o f the phone line, guiding me, I would have probably been too intimidated by my lack of knowledge to continue on in this business.......I woiuld never recommend anyone getting into this business without someone to metor and guide them! Seminars and CD's are great ways to start, but they don't compare to a live person on the other end of the phone line when you desperatly need to know what to do about an inspection gone haywire or those 2 extra HUD1's your attorney therw in at the last minute".

"If you hadn't been there Greg, I would have packed up and gone home, because there aren't enough books and CD's to voer all the crazy things I see every day in this business."

~Cherith H., Raleigh, NC

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**Results not typical. Yours will vary. Please read the Earnings Disclosure at the end of this page**

What Do You Need To Be Successful?

  1. Time - Commitment to learn what is necessary in order to make your business successful. You will need time to devote to your own education, developing your team, and running your business. Sure, it can be part time, but it must be productively spent.

  2. Desire - I want to know where you've been and where you are going. What's your track record? What are your goals? Why do you want to get into real estate? What's driving you? Are you willing to take the action required to get your business off the ground?

What is it going to cost to have me hold your hand and motivate you and show you how it all REALLY works? I'll share my secrets and I'll give you first hand information that you won't get anywhere else!

How much money are you willing to spend to have someone help you make $100,000 or more in real estate investing in the next year?

You could go the EXPENSIVE route and sign up for a Homevestors® Franchise where they will give you training, and will help make you successful for an initial investment of $200,000-$370,250 and you must have a liquid available net worth of over $200,000 before they'll even consider you! That's just the initial investment. You have to continue to pay other franchise fees and transaction fees after that! You probably just need a little direction and a little help to get you going or to get your current business to the level you know it should be running.

You could go the CHEAP route and get a course for $500 or shell out even more greenbacks to go to a "boot camp" and hope you follow through...after all, no one is going to call you up and push you or answer any of your questions after you leave the seminar! But they may call you to have you BUY their upgraded new course!!

Or you could go the SMART route and sign up for one of my coaching programs, where I will PERSONALLY show you how to invest in real estate. You will be talking to me DIRECTLY, not a "successful student" or "team member" like you may see with other coaching programs. You will have MY PERSONAL CELL PHONE to call. How many other experienced coaches will do that for you?

The Best Coaching Programs on the Planet!

Silver Level Coaching program - The perfect supplement to the lease purchase wholesaling investor package, you get ONE ON ONE ACCESS TO ME, PERSONALLY, via cell phone, email, and even carrier pigeon to get you up and running lease purchase wholesaling homes for fast profit...even if you have no money, credit, or real estate experience.

Gold Level Coaching program - You get ONE ON ONE ACCESS TO ME, PERSONALLY, via cell phone, to about every type of investing I know: subject to deals, lease purchase wholesaling, rehabbing, sandwich lease purchasing, and owner financing deals. I'll tell you what I know about buying preforeclosures, foreclosures, REOs, and short sales. I'll tell you what I know about finding private lenders, bank money, and transactional funding... and the potential pitfalls of each.

I look forward to hearing from you & contributing to YOUR success.

Learn to Invest in Real Estate
Greg Norman

P.S. - You know you can only get so far by getting a course by itself. Don't be like the other millions of folks who mistakenly think the course is the "magic pill" to your success. Smart folks learn from the mistakes of others before they make them. Take advantage of my vast knowledge and get on to the fast track to success by getting me on your team today.

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