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Greg Norman is the founder of, which was developed for the purposes of teaching others how to invest in real estate. Greg was born in raised in the Alexandria, VA, a suburb of Washington, DC. After high school, Greg went on to study Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. During college, he realized that engineering wasn't his cup of tea, but didn't have enough money to switch majors! So while completing his degree he started examining other ways to make money and decided real estate investing was where he wanted to focus his attention.

Upon completing college, be moved back to the Washington, DC area and purchased his first property from a local rehabber in 1994. He lived in one of the rooms and rented out the other two. He rented that first house out via the Section 8 program and bought a new primary residense after getting married. Greg had no real estate experience, no cash reserves, no available credit, and no rich relatives or friends to borrow money from. So in 1997 he started lease purchase wholesaling homes for quick cash and sandwich lease purchasing homes for cash flow while holding down a full time job.

After building up some reserves, but still lacking credit to purchase homes, he took over seller mortgages by purchasing "subject to" and rehabbed them for profit. He also bought some "subject to" properties to add to his portfolio of sandwich lease purchase homes he purchased for cash flow. Since starting, Greg has been buying 1-3 homes a month and has bought over $50,000,000.00 in real estate.

Over the years, he's developed experience in other avenues of investing, such as buying short sales, foreclosures at auction, and bank owned properties. But the core of his investing today remains the same as when he started: using private money to rehabbing and wholesaling for quick profit and sandwich lease purchasing, and buying "subject to" to hold property long term as rentals.

Greg has still never stepped into a bank to get financing to purchase any of his residential investment properties. He has never held a real estate agent or mortgage broker's license. Nor is he a real estate attorney. Greg is a true investor and his income is derived from his real estate investments, not from some other type of real estate related business.

Greg's knowledge is in high demand and he's often asked about what makes a successful investor. He's now imparting his knowledge to others and offering coaching to get investors on the right track based on their real estate knowledge and experience level.

Greg currently lives in Cary, NC, just outside of Raleigh, NC with his wife and four girls. He continues to invest primarily in both the Washington, DC and Raleigh, NC areas, but has purchased homes to renovate across the country.

To find out more of what Greg offers, check out the course and coaching areas.

To find out what Greg is doing day to day, check out his blog. You can also follow Greg on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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